Project Name: Wynberg Public Drop-off

Client: City of Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Project Description: The project entailed the establishment of a municipal solid waste Public Drop-off at Wynberg as a convenient off loading facility for members of the public for their non-collected wastes, garden waste, builder’s rubble and recyclables.

The design capacity for storage includes six 30m3 containers receiving general waste and two 10m3 containers receiving builder’s rubble as well as a 3.5ha garden waste storage area.  The recycling area comprises of a gazebo-type building with separate bags/containers for different recyclables.

All garden waste received is chipped and transported to a composting facility in order to divert it from being landfilled.

Waste from this transfer station is transported by road in 30m3 hook-lift containers to the Coastal Park municipal landfill. 

Location: South 34 00 19 22   East 18 28 47 54

Appointed Contractor: Ilizwe Civils (Pty) Ltd

Construction Commensement Date: February 2005

Date Completed: September 2005