Project Name: Wellington Landfill (G:M:B+)

Client: Drakenstein Municipality, Western Cape, South Africa

Project Description: The Contract comprised the design, site supervision, quality assurance and contract administration of Cell 6 of Wellington Landfill site. The site is situated next to the R44 in the industrial area close to Wellington. The landfill was designed to have a total final airspace of approximately 1,400,0000m³. The design included a 4m high perimeter earth berm which also serves as a screening berm.

The natural clay liner for the landfill comprised of the following (from top to bottom):

  • 150mm thick leachate collection layer of local river stone
  • 2 x 150mm thick clay layers (local clay) compacted to 95% Std Proctor
  • Rip and Re-compact 150mm thick in-situ clay to same standard as above clay layers

The leachate collection layer is drained by gravity towards the leachate pump sump from where it is pumped to the adjacent sewage works. Cell 6 was developed in five phases in order to suit the municipal budget.

Location: South 33 39 15  East 18 58 55

Contract Data (Construction)

Phase 1:Commencement date: 22 September 2000

Completion date: 1 December 2000

Phase 2: Commencement date: 8 January 2002

Completion date: 20 May 2002

Phase 3: Commencement date: 2 December 2002

Completion date: 30 January 2003

Phase 4: Commencement date: 5 January 2004

Completion date: 13 May 2004

Phase 5: Commencement date: 26 October 2005

Completion date: 9 May 2006