Project Name: Vissershok High Hazard Material Encapsulation Cell

Client: Vissershok Waste Management Facility (Pty) Ltd

Project Description: The Contract comprised the design, site supervision, quality assurance and contract administration of a high hazard waste material encapsulation cell at the Vissershok H:H Waste Management Facility. The purpose of the cell is to provide safe disposal of high hazard material, delivered to site in drums, by means of encapsulating the hazardous material in concrete blocks. The Site is situated next to the N7 approximately 30km north of Cape Town CBD.

The layer works for the encapsulation cell comprised of the following (from top to bottom):

  • 50mm thick concrete blinding layer
  • A4 non-woven geotextile  separation layer
  • 300mm thick stone drainage layer of 38mm crushed stone
  • 200mm thick sand protection layer
  • 2mm HDPE geomembrane (2 200m²)
  • 4 x 150mm thick compacted clay layers
  • A6 non-woven geotextile  separation layer
  • 150mm thick leachate leakage detection layer from 38mm crushed stone
  • Rip and Re-compact 150mm thick in-situ clayey material

All surface storm water is directed to the adjacent geocomposite lined old sulphur mono-cell and the leachate leakage detection layer underneath the layer works is connected to a leakage detection sump outside the cell for easy monitoring. 

Location: 33 46 18  East 18 32 06

Contract Data (Construction)
Contractor: Martin and East (Civil), Engineered Linings (Geosynthetic lining work)
Commencement date: 19 January 2004 (Phase I), 25 September 2008 (Phase II)
Completion date: 8 March 2004 (Phase I), 9 June 2009 (Phase II)