Client: City of Windhoek, Windhoek, Namibia

Project Description:

The Contract comprised the design, joint site supervision, quality assurance and contract administration of a new general cell (Cell 3) at the Kupferberg Landfill site. The Site is situated approximately 9 km south-west of the Windhoek CBD along the Gamsberg road. As part of the contract, new contaminated storm water channels along the toe of the new cell were designed as well as clean storm water cut-off channels running parallel with the contaminated storm water channels.

The layer works for the landfill comprised of the following (from top to bottom):

General Cell 3 (39,000m²):

  • 300mm thick sand protection / confining layer
  • Geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) supplied by Kaytech, Atlantis, South Africa.
  • Rip and Re-compact 150mm thick in-situ material.

All the storm water run-off from the waste body side slopes drain into the contaminated storm water channels from where it gravitates into the existing contaminated storm water storage dam. From here it can be pumped to a top loader facility to be used for dust suppression should it be required.  All the clean storm water is collected in the clean storm water channel and diverted around the landfill into the existing river. An interesting aspect of this project was to mentor the engineering staff of the client with the design of the cell in order to provide them with design experience towards professional registration.

South 22o38’13”  East 17o01’50”
Contract Data (Construction)
Contractor: Construct Solutions

Commencement date: 9 May 2011

Completion date: January 2012