JPCE’s expertise and experience can be broadly categorized into the field of
Environmental Engineering and specifically the fields of
Solid Waste Management and Water/Waste Water Treatment.

JPCE is well known and respected in the field of waste management and its personnel have since 1989 been involved in numerous waste related projects.

A systems approach is followed in the evaluation of projects. Not only financial (ie. cost-benefit analysis) and economic analysis are considered but due consideration is also given to social, strategic and environmental aspects.

The necessary expertise and experience are supported by appropriate, fully licensed software.

  • Waste Collection Optimisation

  • Waste Transfer Station design

  • General Waste Landfill design

  • Hazardous Waste Landfill design

  • Landfill Rehabilitation

  • Landfill Auditing and Monitoring

  • Landfill Closure

  • Leachate Treatment

  • Regional Waste Studies

  • PPP Involvement in Waste Management

  • Alternative Technologies for Waste Reduction

  • Integrated Waste Management Plans